Enso Pure Ocean Classic Range

Developed with the environment at the forefront of its design philosophy, the Ocean Classic package treatment plant has been designed and tested to the latest European regulatory standards (BS EN 12566-3).
Enso Pure Ocean Classic

Sustainable. Reliable. Affordable.

Product Information

The Enso Pure Ocean Classic range (6-25pe range) of package treatment plants was developed with sustainability as a top priority to protect the environment.

The range has been designed and independently tested to the latest European regulatory standards (BS EN 12566-3), consistently exceeding the test performance requirement for CE accreditation and environmental discharge regulations.

Enso Pure Ocean Classic
Enso Pure Ocean Classic

Low energy consumption, low operation and maintenance costs and a completely below ground installation, makes the Enso Pure Ocean Range the ideal product for any project, from single dwellings to light commercial applications (restaurants, campsites, small hotels and public houses).

The system uses the latest Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) Technology, with a modular tank approach, providing total versatility with the package.

Enso Pure can design and build bespoke packages to meet any specific discharge requirement that may need to be achieved for any specific applications or environmental regulations, including nitrate and phosphate removal.

Five Reasons To Use The Enso Pure Tank

The unit can be installed anywhere, including driveways. The inlet/outlet connections can be fitted anywhere to suit your site.

The chamber is manufactured from rigid, durable and tough polyethylene. This extremely robust material prevents the chamber suffering from damage during delivery and installation.

The unit can be installed in any site conditions or locations.

No Moving Parts
There are no moving parts within the treatment plant, which makes it very reliable.

Pure Effluent
Its design concept and media ensure that effluent discharged by the treatment plant is exceptionally pure.

Enso Pure Ocean Classic

Bespoke Solutions

Sample Chambers

Nitrate Removal Systems

Phosphate Removal Systems

Filtration Screens

Pumped Outlets

Pumps, Pump Chambers

Air Blower Alarms

GSM Telemetry Alarm Notifications

Energy Saving Device (Saves Up To 50% Energy Usage)

Higher Performance Plant Upgrades

Inline and Chanel Sewage Macerators

Raw Sewage, Transfer Pumping Stations

Alarm Beacons & Controls

Spares and Air Blowers


The Enso Pure Ocean Classic Range has been designed with the developer, self-builder and installer in mind. The lightweight construction and the shallow depth of the system makes the unit very easy to install in any site conditions. There is also a comprehensive set of installation instructions provided with every Ocean Classic purchased.

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Plant Specification

Ocean 6Ocean 12Ocean 18Ocean 25Ocean 35Ocean 50
PE (max)61218253550
Max. Flow (m3/day)
Max. BOD Load (kg/day)0.360.721.
Max. NH3 Load (kg/day)
Desludge Interval (max)12 months6 months3 months
Inlet Invert (mm)750 (can be adjusted)
Depth below inlet (mm)1650
Length (mm)2,2003,5005,300
Width (mm)1,7002,200
Height (mm)2,400
Weight (kg)3502x 3503x 350
Power Consumption (w)6392123178245356