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The Ocean Classic sewage treatment plant from Enso Pure is suitable for both domestic and light commercial applications ranging from small households to pubs, small hotels and campsites. For a sustainable, reliable and affordable solution to your off mains sewage treatment requirements speak look no further than Enso Pure.
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Living in a rural idyll is the dream of many people, but living “off-mains” can be a daunting and confusing experience when considering the treatment and disposal of sewage from the household. Whether you have an existing property or are building a new one, Enso Pure are expert in providing the right solution for your situation. If your property cannot be connected to a mains sewerage network you will have to provide private sewage treatment, prior to discharging to watercourse or soak away arrangement. The costs involved with tankering a cess pool can accumulate with time, and many new builds require treatment plants as part of the planning permission. It is a legal requirement with packaged sewage treatment systems up to 50-persons that they undergo rigorous testing to the latest European standard BS EN12566-3 (2005).

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Camping & Caravan Sites

Caravan and Camping sites often have huge seasonal highs and lows. Understanding the flows at different times of the year are critical to ensuring that off-mains sewage treatment works at these sites. We have provided new treatment plants and remedial treatment plants for a number of camping and caravaning across the United Kingdom. This challenge is increased by the presence of a cafe or restaurant at some of these properties, as well as some which have onsite launderettes, shower blocks and other facilities which mean that the potential of kitchen waste entering the system needs to be considered alongside the seasonal highs and lows on sites. Our systems can be designed with energy savings devices, which enable the amount of aeration in a plant to be adjusted to match the seasonal flows on sites. This saves money for the clients as well as ensuring the treatment plants are performing at their maximum efficiency.

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With the high levels of kitchen and beer waste in pubs, the sewage treatment plants can struggle to treat the waste. The waste is often high in organic strength, and high levels of fat, oil and grease from cooking can overwhelm normal treatment systems. Enso Pure has developed an excellent reputation for the quality of the products and service which it provides. The fact that each system we install is designed to meet the specific requirements of the individual site means that we ensure that the end product is the ideal answer for you. We understand the challenges that your wastewater treatment plants face, and using our wealth of experience as a company, we are able to provide the answers to these questions and challenges.

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Care Homes & Healthcare

As the elderly healthcare industry continues to grow in the UK, expansion in this area needs to be properly planned and executed, particularly with reference to wastewater. Wastewater produced from cares homes and hospitals differs to that of normal domestic sewage: laundry and kitchen waste make a considerable contribution to the strength and treatability of the wastewater; therefore it is essential that the appropriate treatment system is designed to take this into consideration. Enso Pure has developed a number of effluent treatment designs specifically suited to the type of wastewater associated with residential care home and hospital waste. Enso Pure are able to design wastewater treatment systems to meet any discharge consent standard set by the regulatory authority and can offer a reference list of residential care homes which consistently meet with the stringent consent limits set by the Environment Agency.